HERO 撤退 Mass of the Holy Spirit September 22 54


撤退 present opportunities for students at each grade level to reflect upon their relationships with God, 自己, their families, friends and others.

Through a combination of one-day and overnight retreats, these experiences empower students to affirm the gifts that they bring to SHC. 撤退 strengthen our community and provide an environment in which we can learn about God, ourselves and one another. Students of all faith traditions are invited and encouraged to participate.


Ninth graders experience a one-day retreat with their class during the first semester. The retreat focuses on the Lasallian and Vincentian charisms, our ESLRs and on creating a sense of community among all members of the frosh class.

Sophomore Retreat

The sophomore retreat is scheduled during the second semester and provides an opportunity to reflect on moving into the upperclassmen years and the pressures, stresses and opportunities that come with that transition. The central theme of the retreat is the idea of coming of age and entering a phase in our lives when we are more responsible for our own selves.

Junior Journey Retreat

The Journey retreat is a two-day, off-campus experience centered on the themes of choices, values and mindfulness. The students spend time in both large and small groups, as well as time alone, reflecting on their past choices and examining upcoming choices they will face and how their own values play a role in how they will go forward. Juniors are discouraged from attending a Journey retreat and 凯洛 in the same semester, so juniors interested in attending the final 凯洛 retreat must sign up for a fall Journey retreat. 点击这里 to reserve your spot on one of our five Journey retreats!


凯洛 is a four-day off-campus retreat attended by seniors and select juniors. 凯洛 is a Greek word that refers to a moment of opportunity, of challenge or of decision. This time allows students to recognize the presence of God within 自己 and their talents, in their parents, families and friendships, in the bible and in the world around them. The retreat is centered on the affirmation of each person’s worth and the idea that God’s love is unconditional and ever-present. Student leaders take on a much greater role at 凯洛 than in any of our other retreats, which contributes to the great value of the experience in the retreatants’ lives.

点击这里 to reserve your spot for one of our 2020-21 凯洛 retreats. Juniors will be nominated by their religion teachers to attend the March 凯洛 and then possibly be leaders during their senior year and should not apply here.

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