Visual & Performing Arts

SHC's Visual & Performing Arts Program engages the diverse talents of students, fostering exploration of their creative abilities within our innovative high school's holistic education framework. Embracing the arts as a vital element, we bring joy and learning to individuals and the broader community through our performances and shows. Seniors participating for four years in VPA programs can graduate with the esteemed Arts Distinction Award. The state-of-the-art Sister Caroline Collins, DC, Theater, and Chorus Room serve as vibrant hubs for our renowned chorus, dance and theatre programs, with alumni excelling in the arts across the board. Our inclusive Catholic high school’s visual arts program, encompassing drawing, design and photography courses, shapes the artistic vision of talented students and our entire community, Alameda County, Marin County, San Francisco County and San Mateo County areas. Explore the rich tapestry of creativity through the SHC Visual and Performing Arts Department!

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