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Our Community

"I felt an overwhelming sense of community at SHC that I just couldn’t find anywhere else."

Lauren Pugeda, Class of 2018

An Independent Private High School Like No Other

Our private catholic high school is comprised of intelligent, energetic students and faculty. We provide a rigorous academic schedule, as well as many different co-curricular activities. While we place a heavy emphasis on education, our innovative high school curriculum also encourages our students to have fun and enjoy learning. If you are looking to enhance the educational experience of your teenager, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is the private high school dedicated to learning, faith, and service. We help our students build a solid learning foundation that will benefit them beyond the classroom setting and throughout their lives. Our preparatory high school focuses on all aspects that make a person whole which is why the curriculum at SHC is different from other independent high schools. Learn more about the faith, inspiration, balance, innovation, and service our private catholic high school can instill in the lives of budding scholars throughout the San Francisco County and beyond by contacting us today. We teach students throughout the Bay Area, including Alameda County, San Francisco County, San Mateo County, and Marin County.


In the spirit and vision of St. John Baptist de La Salle and St. Vincent de Paul, SHC educates students by the tenets of the Gospel to build a faith-based community and serve others with compassion. This core Catholic understanding helps to ground, guide and bind our community and serves as the nurturing backdrop to academic success.


At our preparatory high school, we provide an academically rigorous and intellectually inspiring experience for our students. We are always pushing our students to achieve their very best. We strive to tap our students’ talents and passions and support them in their interests. Students at our innovative high school have all the tools and technology to succeed at their fingertips.


We believe that academic, intellectual, emotional, personal and creative development invigorates the whole student. Our co-curricular programs are essential, not extra, elements to the student experience at SHC. Our students excel on the field, on stage and as leaders in our community, just as they do in the classroom.


Laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, Galaxy Tabs. Today’s groundbreaking technology may be obsolete next year. As an innovative high school, we teach our students to use the tools most relevant to them in a digitally diverse and ever-changing world. Our students have the autonomy to select the instrument of their choice with our Bring Your Own Device program. With collaborative learning spaces, classroom technology, integrated service-learning curriculum and flexible online course offerings, SHC consistently remains on the forefront of cutting-edge pedagogy.


Our Founders created a service tradition that is one of the defining characteristics of the student experience at SHC. Students engage in meaningful service-learning projects each year of attendance. They work in collaboration to apply what they learn in the classroom to bring true value into the community—locally, nationally and around the globe. A variety of service opportunities exist outside of the formalized service-learning curriculum—from student organizations like SPARK, Block Club, Earth Action and Lasallian Vincentian Youth, to class selectives like Theology of Service and Lasallian Vincentian Leadership, to retreats and immersion trips to communities in need.

Independent Catholic Private High School Serving Marin County, San Mateo County, San Francisco County, and Alameda County

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